CogniTek is a team of clean energy pioneers with the passion and vision to answer what is possible.

We create profitable energy products and technologies, and bring these solutions to market. Our goal is to favorably impact the global community and environment, leaving the world a healthier, better place. As such, CogniTek donates 5% of profits to non-profit organizations to further promote use of clean energy and related technology.

We find ways to turn our ideas for clean energy needs and opportunities into reality. We are unique because we use proprietary tools, challenge the norm, and deliver an accelerated return on investment.

We are explorers with proprietary tools. The tools we use to develop our unique clean energy products and technologies include

We concentrate on commercial, industrial, and residential markets with a commitment to generating profits. We commercialize products with less than a five-year return on investment.

Our process is on-going, innovatively improving technology through further development and integration.

At CogniTek, we are global pioneers guided by our commitment to our customers, partners, employees, and our social and environmental responsibilities.