CogniTek challenges assumptions while respecting the fundamental laws of physics. Our progressive vision is critical to our knowledge of what's possible, and intergral to CogniTek's technological competitive edge.

We strive for new functionality by looking at technology differently. We make connections at multiple levels to provide real-world, cost effective solutions and drive new ways of thinking.

Our creative thought process and progressive mindset is the foundation of CogniTek’s success.

Our solutions must work across multiple disciplines, driven by real-world challenges and cost structures for the long term. Short term fixes are not part of CogniTek's portfolio.   

CogniTek’s areas of technological expertise are the convergence of:


Applications of these technologies include:

Highly efficient power generation and waste heat recovery systems that surpass other technology and are environmentally responsible

Advanced building and structural materials for systems with unique flexibility, weight and strength, and lower price points

Advanced nanoscale materials that enhance energy conversion


The results are innovative, cost-effective solutions. We explore untapped synergies between technology, business and ideas, helping our customers exceed their energy goals while forging a healthier environment.

We continually advance and evolve our current technology base by partnering with complementary organizations, and incorporating new opportunities.